All-Star Talent is the premier talent marketing firm for the public sector.

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Optimized for the Public Sector

Employer Branding

Develop your 'employer brand' through market research, 1:1 and surveys to help manage and influence your reputation among job seekers, employees, stakeholders and more.

Talent Market Research

Understand your employer value proposition and what attracts/keeps your employees in their career. This insight helps us develop messaging and branding that will attract a diverse candidate pool.

DEI Recruitment

We manage every campaign with a strong commitment to mission including strong community focus, promoting a diverse workforce, and recruiting underrepresented communities.

Talent Acquisition Process Improvement

Improve your talent acquisition process by auditing the communication touchpoints and providing recommendations on how to streamline to keep candidates engaged and happy.

Web Design

We develop custom websites and landing pages for our campaigns, which helps us track performance and capture contact information for nurturing.

Digital Media

Implement successful campaigns that serve to audiences across the web -- Google Marketplace ads, social media ads, paid search, etc.

Video Production

We produce compelling videos from start to finish so you don't have to. Includes location scouting, scripting, videoing, storyboarding, editing, etc.

Social Media Advertising & Management

We develop digital assets to use for all of your talent marketing needs that attract and engage audiences, leading to interest and applications.

Virtual Recruitment Events

Our virtual recruitment events are a secret weapon to recruit candidates in positions. It creates an environment that humanizes an organization and provides a connection point for prospective candidates.

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Our Talented

Creative Crew

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Nora Tomas
Founding Partner -CEO
Oliver Newman
Founder & CEO
Maria Johns
Associate Partner

Our Philosophy

We believe that job vacancies are not because of a lack of talent - it's a lack of awareness. We build career awareness based on your organization's unique opportunity and culture to deliver qualified candidates.

Our Mission

Empower public sector agencies to serve the community through talent recruitment, retention and employer branding.

77 Million+

Recruitment Impressions for public sector careers.


Submitted applications in Law Enforcement, Dispatch, Clinical Positions, Teaching, Administrative, and Information Technology.


Hires of qualified candidates based on the All-Star Talent digital recruitment and messaging strategy.

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Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.


Why choose All-Star Talent

We are the leader in public sector talent recruitment

Our diversity recruitment system

We are driven by outcomes

We adapt to your organization

We help you from candidate interest to hire

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“The team at All-Star doesn't think outside the box, they live outside the box. Brining the All-Star team into the recruitment process for CDCR has more than tripled our applications.”
Steve Stone
Assistant Chief - Recruitment
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
“In 45-days the team at All-Star was able to bring over 1,500 candidates interested in a career in police and dispatch to our organization.”
Eric Smith
Liutenant - Recruitment
Richmond CA Police Department

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