Virtual Recruitment Events

Virtual meetings have become increasingly popular as a way to showcase positions, entice users to join the team, and have real-time interaction with existing staff and employees already working at your organization. Virtual meetings are also efficient and effective, allowing companies to connect with candidates all over the world from the convenience of their mobile devices. If you're looking for a way to enhance your recruiting strategy, contact us to help you connect with candidates online!

All-Star Talent helps you create an agenda, prepare materials, and collect registrations and send out reminders. In the meeting, we cover the details of the position as well as provide an opportunity for candidates to ask questions. We handle the entire process behind-the-scenes, from setting up the meeting infrastructure to providing your recruitment team a thorough report post-event.

These virtual events will help candidates to understand the bigger picture and how they can fit into the roles they are applying for and how the agency’s culture and diversity fits with what they are looking for. Don’t just advertise that you have a great work team environment–show it.

What We Do:

  • Virtual Event Planning
  • Post-Event Reporting
  • In-Event Assistance and Management
  • Virtual Event Training for internal staff
  • Event-Specific Advertisement Campaign

Let us help you connect with the best and brightest diverse talent out there and find the perfect candidates to join your team!