Dashboard Analytics

Businesses have greater accessibility to information but can be overwhelmed with the amount of data being acquired. In order to optimize business efforts and gain valuable insights, tracking and dashboard tools are essential. We offer this tracking that allows businesses to view their performance, adjust their strategies and take informed decisions on the direction of their recruitment efforts.

Having access to data-driven insights can help your company measure the success of your marketing campaigns, understand your target audience and track progress towards your goals. We monitor which campaigns are driving results, where traffic is coming from, and what ultimately drives hires. This helps you to optimize your budgets while maximizing your output.

What We Do:

  • Law Enforcement CRM UI/UX Design
  • Ongoing Consulting for CRM Software
  • Email/Text Campaign Management
  • Dashboards and KPI reporting

Our CRM offers embedded dashboard capabilities that track leads, communications (emails, texts, interactions, clicks, replies, and more), applications, event registrations, lead source, lead volume, ad spend, and so much more. Having all analytics in one place is a seamless and integrated process that creates ease with shareability and reporting. This in turn drives the directions of our engagements in the direction of highest and best use.