Vacaville Police Department

Project Summary

The Vacaville Police Department began a partnership with All-Star Talent to execute a short term marketing program to recruit both Entry-Level and Lateral Police Officers.

Services Provided
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Email marketing
  • Lead Integration
  • Facebook/Instagram advertising implementation
  • Reporting & Analytics
Project Details

The Vacaville Police Department enlisted the help of All-Star Talent to recruit for both Entry-level and Lateral Police Officers. Our services included using lead generation campaigns through Facebook/Instagram, digital advertisement creation, email marketing, daily dashboard reports, and more.

Through the efforts of All-Star Talent, the Vacaville Police Department was able to showcase their culture and brand to a large audience. This resulted in an increase in the amount of eligible candidates filling the open positions within the department. All-Star Talent was also able to track where these eligible candidates came from and focus on those areas. This made sure that the Vacaville Police Department was as cost effective as possible in their recruiting efforts.

The Police Officer campaigns increased the talent pipeline for VPD and turned eligible candidates into real hires.