Where We Find Candidates: Our Secrets to Recruiting for Law Enforcement

Recruiting high-quality candidates is a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies. Today we are going to share our insights on proven recruitment strategies that have worked for our own clients here at All-Star Talent. Our knowledge comes from millions of dollars in ad spend, and we hope it provides value to you.

Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns have consistently provided the lowest cost per hire for our clients. Minimal staff work is involved, thereby helping to keep costs down. We have seen tremendously successful referral campaigns with perks that range from a $50 Amazon card to a $5,000 bonus.

Social Media

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have proven to be unmatched tools of success for our clients. As such, our social media campaigns employ various steps to ensure quality recruits. They begin by directing people from an ad to a landing site with a lead form, on to candidate relationship manager software (to track, automate, communicate, and store all communication), and then to automated email and text campaigns augmented with recruiter phone calls. Emails and texts are part of the conversation that take someone from an interested candidate to an application–and eventually to a successful hire. 

We also set up an automated screening within the communication software for new candidates designed to filter out single issue withholds, as opposed to taking candidates directly from an ad to an application link, which is less effective and results in much higher costs. 

Job Boards

Indeed has been the most successful platform for our clients. Paid campaigns here have helped to obtain the reach and application volume they desire.

Google Search and Google Display

These ads are another effective tool we use to attract candidates. The cost is higher, but they provide our clients with a pool of more qualified individuals, so there is tremendous benefit in utilizing these methods.

Virtual Recruitment Events

For the right department, virtual recruitment events are an excellent way to convert candidate leads into applications, but only after we have enough leads to justify the virtual event’s cost. They allow our clients the opportunity to communicate culture and values, engage with potential applicants, minimize fears, and answer questions.

Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM) Software

Another important tool we're excited to share is a software program that acts as a central hub for all communication with candidates. As with the start of any new relationship, the conversation after initial contact is pivotal.

It's difficult to find a law enforcement CRM and InterviewNow is too limited in ability, so we developed our own. Instead of using spreadsheets, our clients have more notable outcomes using this software to improve their communication and lower their cost per hire. Our very own Law Enforcement CRM auto screens candidates, automates email/text campaigns directed at these candidates, provides manual email and text communication options, automatically stores all communication, and contains reporting dashboards that leadership appreciates.

If you're struggling to find quality candidates for your department, these strategies can be very effective when done correctly. All-Star Talent has tried and tested these recruitment methods, and they work. Implement these tactics to attract the best talent and build a strong foundation for your law enforcement department. Achieve your recruiting goals now!