How to Improve the Applicant Experience in Law Enforcement Recruitment

Recruiting new talent for law enforcement is a hard yet important task. It's difficult to take an interested candidate all the way through the recruiting process to becoming an officer. Something as simple as a page not working properly can turn an applicant away. With so much emphasis on finding the right candidates, it is essential to create a positive, easy, and engaging applicant experience that makes people feel welcome and motivated. As law enforcement recruitment experts, we’re here to share some of our most valued tips on how to improve the applicant experience.

Improve Communication

Communication is key when creating a good applicant experience. This includes being timely and responsive with candidates. One of the primary causes of a negative applicant experience is the feeling of being ignored or left waiting too long for a response. Make an effort to provide timely updates to candidates, and even if they are not selected, always provide feedback. This can help the candidate to improve and give them a positive outlook for future attempts.

Streamline the Application Process

Simplifying the application process can also make a massive difference in the applicant experience. Applicants can be turned off if the process is too lengthy, or if it requires too much documentation. By simplifying the process, agencies can show a commitment to respecting the applicant's time, effort, and resources.

Make the Recruitment Process a Positive Experience

Applicants will form their opinions of an agency based on their interaction throughout the recruitment process. Aim to create a positive experience for all, which can include being personable, supportive, and engaging. By creating a friendly and welcoming experience, you can influence an applicant's perception of your department and organization positively.

Utilize Social Media for Recruitment

Most applicants tend to use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to engage and connect with potential employers. Posting on your organization's social media pages can create awareness and provide an entry point for potential candidates. This can be done in the form of job postings, live recruitment events, Q&A sessions, or even by showcasing the employer's culture. Using social media will also keep your organization in the mind of potential candidates and create a sense of familiarity when they begin the recruitment process.

Improve Based on Feedback

Lastly, strive for continual improvement based on feedback received from applicants. It's easy to assume that everything is working perfectly, but gathering meaningful feedback can help to improve the recruitment experience for all candidates. Encourage applicants to provide feedback either anonymously or openly, and then use that feedback to provide a more targeted and thoughtful approach to bettering the process.

Law enforcement agencies need to recruit the best candidates, and a positive applicant experience can improve their likelihood of doing so. Here at All-Star, we’ve witnessed the positive results the above practices have achieved. By implementing them, law enforcement agencies can ensure they are providing an excellent experience and setting themselves apart from the competition.