Four Strategies for Law Enforcement Recruitment

In today's digital age, law enforcement recruiters have a range of tools at their disposal to improve their recruitment strategies and increase their success in attracting the right candidates. We highlight the four we believe will have the largest impact on your recruiting results.

Here are our top four strategies for law enforcement recruitment:

1. Research

To deploy a robust candidate recruiting campaign, its crucial to lead with messaging and visual assets that speak in words that make potential candidates, which is especially important for diverse candidate campaigns. This requires research that focuses on understanding your employer value propositions and what attracts candidates to your agency. Deploying extensive market research including surveys, one-on-one interviews, and focus groups will give an inside perspective from your employees. This insight helps uncover the top attract-keep metrics and how to best develop unique messaging, branding, and advertising that targets diverse, qualified candidates.

2. Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing” is a broad term that we break into 2 categories, “passive”, which typically means free posting, messaging, and interacting on social media pages and free organic search, and “active”, which includes paid boosted social media posts, social media campaigns, search campaigns, and programmatic campaigns.  While both are categories are important, a comprehensive paid “active” digital recruitment is necessary to amplify your value proposition to get the hires your agencies needs.  A comprehensive paid campaign includes social media and dynamic search advertisements, promotional videos, landing pages, a CRM to track and manage candidate leads, automated candidate filtering, automated text and email campaigns, and a hands-on agency recruiting team to help you manage the applicant process from start to hire.

3. Law Enforcement CRM

It's time to throw out the spreadsheets move into the 21st century.  A law enforcement specific CRM, which is a software solution that help manage, track, market, and store information for law enforcement officer candidate leads. By keeping this information in a centralized system, this helps your recruiting team manage a large number of candidate leads by leveraging a centralized database, automated candidate filtering, automated email and text campaigns, and recorded email and two-way text messaging, thus allowing them to focus on identifying the best candidates.  The CRM should integrate with your internal hiring processes and systems and is designed to streamline the recruitment process, from job posting to candidate selection, all in one platform. In addition, the CRM should track KPIs including the number of leads, applications, hirings, and time to hire, making it easier to adjust recruitment strategies and ensure the right results.

4. Speed to Hire

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, it’s important to have a streamlined hiring process as the longer it takes, the increased chance another department will scoop up your recruit. Time and time again we hear that the longest part of the hiring process is the background check and this is why the Guardian background software solution is a must. Imagine cutting the time the background check takes by 50% or more. To clarify, Guardian doesn’t perform the backgrounds, so you still use your backgrounds team. They provide a software solution which makes your teams much more efficient. Imagine LE checks taking 60 seconds to order instead of hours or days. With contact information from over 150,000 LE departments, this is easily accomplished, and this is just an example of all the ways they will make your background checks faster, easier, and safer.  Visit to learn more.